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  • Wire loop is 1 7/8" in diameter
  • Overall height is 1 5/16"
  • Custom strap length and hook height available
  • Made in the USA using recycled materials
  • Copper strap with hook allows this snow guard to be retrofit to slate or tile simply by sliding the strap up the course of tile, over the top of the tile and back down to set and engage the hook
  • Minimalistic nature of this snow guard reduces the appearance of its presence on a roof slope
  • Allows snow and ice to drop off in small amounts or melt completely
  • Protects against snow damage at the lower roof level (gutters, valleys, crickets, roof protrusions, plumbing vents, etc...) and at ground level (cars, people, landscaping, pets, walkways, ground mounted mechanical units)
  • All of our snow guards are tested extensively in the field by roofing experts

Retro Wire-Loop (WR79)

    • Copper
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