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The Many Faces of Natural Vermont Slate

Natural Vermont slate has a long and storied history in the roofing industry. The longevity, durability and ease of repair of slate roofs is well known and evidenced by the number of homes still sporting 100+ year old stone. While more expensive initially, slate roofing more than pays for itself in the long run (life expectancy of 100 years vs. 25 years for asphalt, resale value of home) – so what else can you use slate for?

Exterior Cladding

Popular for centuries in Europe, slate cladding is becoming more commonplace in the US. The reasons

are simple: it provides a unique, eye-catching look for any home and replaces cheaper building materials with a natural product that will last. And, just like a slate roof, cladding is very low maintenance. Another benefit of exterior slate cladding is the architectural versatility. Pieces can be created in a variety of sizes, widths and colors creating almost limitless opportunities for the unique look you are going for. It can be used as a whole home solution for weatherproof siding or add a touch of elegance to an entryway.

Interior Cladding / Accent walls

Stone or tile accent walls are extremely popular and readily available. They provide an elegant look to just about any space and often break up the monotony of a dry-walled room. While the marketplace is flooded with new engineered products, it is hard to match the look and feel of natural slate within interior spaces in your home. As with exterior cladding, the sheer variety of shapes, sizes and colors of Vermont natural slate can transform any space – from a simple kitchen back splash to a complete accent wall.

At Vermont Slate Source, not only will we provide you with the highest quality slate in the US, we will also help you to choose the design and blend that will fit your project needs. We are here to help bring your home improvement dreams to reality! Contact Us

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